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Welcome to DustyBlues Fine Art Photography


Val and Dusty are currently in the studio developing a new nostalgic portfolio of covered bridges in both color and toned gray-scale finishes. Stop by this site soon to review these in a new gallery.

As small independent artists, we strive to deliver each vision finished to unique museum quality art work that inspire our patrons. Each selection of original art brightens your inner spirit while revitalizing a celebration of mood and energy. Please join us in celebrating the earth and humanity by viewing our portfolios here -  Galleries

We continually add new art and portfolios as well as publish a quarterly newsletter. If you would like a reminder when these updates occur please take a moment to register here - and we will add you to our ever-growing family.

DustyBlues can also offer commercial photographic services to provide you with the images you require, either on-location or images we develop in our studio to your specifications. Many of our portfolio images are also avaialbe for licensing arrangements. Please contact us to inquire about details.

DustyBlues also frequently post articles on our journeys and insights and these can be found here. DustyBlues Blog These can be automatically sent to you via RSS feeds as soon as each new blog is published.

Please leave us feedback and let us know what you think.

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Val and Dusty Scott

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