Val and Dusty Scott

Hocking Hills Ohio fine art photographers

Val Scott

A driven photojournalist with an eye for composition and love for music, Val travels with Dusty on their numerous nature and blues music tours each year. Her artistic abilities for capturing nature's intimate landscapes, abstracts and rare performance images provide for extensive and versatile personal art portfolios that capture life's abstractions and allegories. Val's ability to isolate and elucidate musician's lives on the road as well the many unseen individuals that keep blues music alive provides many treasures for introspection.

Val’s approach to photography is unique from others for her focus is on capturing and "seeing" both the natural world and musical artists in distinctive articulations.

Over the past years, Val has been focusing more on her visions of fine art landscape photography and documenting our journeys through both camera lens and written diaries.

Dusty Scott

I was born into a large family in rural Appalachia and raised on a spacious dairy farm. It was from these humble beginnings that I learned to embrace nature, the environment, down-home folks and the quality of humanity.

As the years went by I slipped into the abyss of the psychedelic 70’s and discontented 80’s and barely stumbled out - somewhat intact.

I dove into the ongoing and whirling information technology cycle and tried to manage a constant foot-hold as the world evolved in an inordinate and thoroughly rapid fashion.

Around this time I met my soul mate Val and we have been energized by each other’s Spirit ever since.

From my early days I always loved capturing images but it has been the last 30 years, and most recently, the past 15 that I’ve embraced the revolution of these image captures in a digital transformation with astonishing and continued pace.

The technology and expertise required to participate artistically in such a new world required the 10,000 hour test of time and internalization. This continues unabated.

That aside, the amazement to me is in the enlightenment I continually undergo understanding the “Mind’s Eye”, it’s relevance to me, some descriptive substance, how it influences me and yet allows that often strange combination of my three main life spans to coalesce into the artistic visions and voices that I am only recently feeling I have the capacity to interpret and develop into the art work creations I behold and harvest.