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Hiking the Southwest

“The journey is the reward” Steve Jobs

A double stacked arch in the back country of Zion National Park
Double Arch

A long but engaging journey through the back country of Zion National Park. We hiked through streams and a forest valley with little clues of civilization. Finally reaching the end of this box canyon we were rewarded greatly by this double arched sandstone evolution. The stillness and desolation were ideal and we both worked in our own ways at compositions that were inspired distillations.

An Amazing natural formation that appears like a subway tunnel in the back country of Zion National Park.
The Subway

This is The Subway, a geological fascination. We hiked here, beginning before dawn, up a considerable creek with small waterfalls continually, requiring us to hike over massive slump rocks the entire hike. Finally reaching here weary from the exertion, we came around this bend and were stunned at the presence before us. Our energy levels immediately gathered their reserves and we began to develop compositions of grandeur. Even now, reflecting back on this day, we bask in the glow of how amazing Mother Nature can be.

In days gone by we developed an affinity for the geologic wonderment of the American Southwest.

It’s breathtaking in so many places yet the mind is astounded trying to comprehend the vastness of time and the power essential to shape shift this boundless region. The wonders of 250 million years of deposition and then 10 million years to slowly uplift much of the region 10,000 feet in elevation while twisting and bending the rocks and metamorphosing minerals. Finally thousands of years of weathering and mass wasting effects to develop what we experience today.

One also begins to wonder what this might appear as in another cycle of 250 million years.

Having only fleeting interludes for visits, we spent considerable effort making each sabbatical an opportunity to trek special locations such as these.

The memories from these many travels are beginning to draw us towards another adventure in the American wilderness later this year.

Stay tuned as we develop our plans and post insights here .


Dusty & Val