Contemplative Dreams

Natures Amphitheater
Natures Amphitheater

An Awakening

I began as a child, perceiving the world in mysterious ways, a conceptual universe, where imperceptible fundamentals agitated steadily in the enveloping cauldron of my consciousness.

Intellect progressed, on the journey to supposed maturation, this fermentation haltingly evolved a new world of visionary consciousness, my ensuing reality.

Ages pass, and a nagging realization begins to take hold of a need to awaken that youthful visionary microcosm in an effort to regain those cogent mysteries as they appeared so long ago now woven tightly against the multitude of intervening observations.

Grasping elements of meaning and insights towards this intention, I’ve evolved along this divergence in my path earnestly, at some length. Revelations peer into an observant contemplative intellect evoking expressive and discerning perceptions of truth.

Mill Blooms
Mill Blooms

These “reflective truths” allow insights of immediate sensations no matter where I am. Often these truths are verbally inaccessible yet beckon serene experiences and appreciation of each moments’ streams of pure thought and presence, slowly becoming enveloping, candid instincts of existence, both observed and concealed.

Authentic actualization!

This timeworn tradition of mindfulness continues to manifest; yet the expectation will never be conclusive in this lifetime.

This contemplative practice has passionately matured over the last several decades from continual considerations of consciousness. I continue to integrate this awareness into my photographic art as the pervasive objective skills solidified around me.

A grasp of nature and the affinity of phenomenon it envelops provide methods of expression and a search for judgments of instinctive truths as I expand awareness of these in my endless quest for clarity, integrity, wholeness, unity and dignity.

The capability to evolve such nonverbal judgments utilizing theoretical designs form the foundations of my artwork.




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