Spring Optimism

Hocking Hills Photography - Dogwood Bloom

Spring is my favorite time of the year.

The wildflowers and trees blossom, the wildlife reproduce and warmer weather graces us with sunshine and light breezes.

The wildflowers are the first to make their grand appearance with a pre-show of purple violets passionately whispering to each other across the forest floor of a new dawn. On the second stage the white and pink striped spring beauties dance across the forest canvas to proclaim that spring is here and it is time to rise and shine. Soon the opening act spot lights the white, snow trillium emerging in the damp forest hillsides along the shallow creeks. Oh the magnificence of season! Each day the glorious music spreads and others join in.

Nature’s art of Hocking Hills is both dramatic and inspiring. It is times like these one stops to ponder and gives thanks for the beauty of our Mother Earth and her artistic talent. Her predictable, unpredictable grand entrance brings bright smiles and happy surprises for everyone to experience as they witness the earth’s elements giggling and frolicking with everlasting life.

If one stops for a quiet moment, you can hear the gentle rustling of a spring fever induced chipmunk or squirrel scampering around and playfully chasing their mate among the tree trunks. Spring fever is an alluring drug that spreads quickly within the forest. In a distance one can hear the distinct spring gobbler call and within the trees, excitement of the migratory birds sound out the glamorous mating calls and display their brilliant colors.

The finale begins with the white dogwood’s grand entrance as it slowly revels its mysterious, pious petals making a rebirth of faith, healing and well-being. It is during this time I reflect on my life and how grateful and humble I am to be able to enjoy this meaningful season with those I love.

li’l ole me