Going Up Country

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso 


Goin’ Up Country, baby don’t you want to go….

Eons pass seemingly and the world revolves full circle in the cycle of life.

After searching for years, the perfect land in the perfect location fell upon us and now, a year passes, and we have reached the culmination of an oft loss dream.

An art gallery is before us and we near a bungalow finish that will allow all remaining earthly presence to be filled with joy and peace.

Up Country

Back to the country where the air is fine and the geologic landscape has innumerable treasures for discovery. Contemplative visions seem to await us wherever we hike as light and gestures resolve and intermingle in constant processions.

With a year of logistical and decisive moments constantly disrupting our waking moments, these slowly fade and the creative passions and deeply held visions and emotional vestiges emerge from their slumber and take hold once again. Cerebral frolics abound.

Lyrical, delightful and uplifting.

Elation and wonder!

Come Visit…..


Dusty & Val