Tomorrow Never Comes…..

Glory Days
Glory Days

Tomorrow never comes……

The shock waves coursed through my being. I grasped and struggled mentally as the synapses aligned across too many pathways, each colluding and colliding with the other.

Primal emotions seemingly evolved first, as is wont, and feelings began to well until they burst forth from my psyche. Wave upon wave of realization flooded forth and then amidst the emotions and feelings, the pangs of supplemental and disjointed sensations mingled, each enjoining distinct organic onrushing provocations.

How could this be? Why now?

The awareness that my best friend was gone in an instant. His spirit rising to join so many before him, yet my angst that more should have been with us, more was planned, yet none of these tomorrows will ever arrive.

Life’s whims intruded in the present as the muse continually declared soon! Tomorrow! A couple days! Next week-end! Yet none arrived.

Now the muse is silent. Reflections pulse within.

My friend and Brother was considerable. We met in our adolescence and bonded immediately. The societal evolutions peaked within us, met with driven internal sensates. All aligned between us in a moment and thus began our journeys together throughout life, and now beyond.

Shared hopes, joys, fears, and so much laughter within this world!

Now these past shards lay before me as a disjointed montage of inner scenes flood my present. The pain is little dulled by the multitude of silent shared amusements.

From inception the world became our playground and we pursued its boundaries with a passion. The shared karma persisted even as we rubbed against the strictures of society and continually remained unscathed to a large degree.

The weight, however, began its gravitational tug and we both contended with self-inflicted necessities as is inclined of mortals.

Ultimately life’s pull began to spiral us towards each self’s destiny, each with our soul mates, yet we continued our virtual Brotherhood, many times with considerable intervals, yet always with the established bond of our Fraternity.

Rest easy and enjoy each rekindled spirit………..


Brothers in arms
Brothers in arms
I did it my way!
I did it my way!