Hollow Dawn

Dawn envelops a Misty Hollow
Dawn envelops a Misty Hollow

The stars shimmered in the crisp inky sky as I gazed at the infinite universe above.

My arrival in the darkest of the night where the only luminance for miles emanated from the heavens above, gave me pause as I cast aside conceptual thoughts and focused on the perceptive world’s sensations.

The freshness of the cool still air misting about me with scents of long ago fields blended perfectly with the stillness yet a nearby frothy stream sang its quiet song. All cares in the world were cast aside.

I gathered myself up and spent several busy moments assembling the tools necessary to begin a series of captures of the heavens above for later compilation into a star dance. I then recede back into the world’s mysteries with only the occasional subtle shutter murmur.

An irregular dance of meteor streaks singularly sparkles the darkness, often in an organic romp as a solitary satellite glided along its orbit.

All too soon the faint glow of nautical twilight aroused me from my mesmerized state and I settled into a rhythm as I stowed the necessary tools to shift towards my main objective of this fine morning. Arranged and focused I began my shadowy trek.

I was at Conkle’s Hollow, forged from a receding ancient glacier, as I began my trek to the canyon rim through a cedar forest. What seemed like innumerable stair steps gave way to a root and rock strewn trail ascending sharply into the sky. Pausing repeatedly to allow some semblance of oxygen to soothe the aching lungs, my efforts were rewarded with the rugged rim trail in due time.

Thoughts of how many times I have recast these efforts during my years of visits wondered through my consciousness.

I wound carefully along the rim trail, reacquainting myself with old familiar landmarks and pausing often to drink in the essence about me. Soon enough I reached my intended objective; a sheer cliff face that dropped off precipitously into the hollow below. This aerial location allows me to showcase the entire hollow below while looking back toward the eastern skies as civil twilight slowly gathered strength. That same murmuring stream has now begun to cast additional mists into the foreground as the subtle warmth from an oblique sun brings the dew point in alignment.

I settled into my lofty perch, gathered a perceptive awareness and composed for my intended vision. Then I waited.

The skies begin their purple and pink glow and the mists begin to rise and swirl on a slight breeze into the hollow over the vibrant tree tops. Slowly all aspects of the scene before and below me evolve wonderfully in near unison. My solitary world imbues my sensibilities with this spectacle. I keep just enough wits about me to maintain a sense of safety as I cling to my precipice.

I soon begin a series of captures that showcase this predawn encroachment in anticipation of the moment the sun’s rays peek into my world. My intensity of focus is such that before long I realize considerable time has passed and the ambiance of the hollow begins to fade. I take several moments and slowly gather myself up and begin to stow my gear.

Not quite finished as yet I amble along the rim and capture several intimate scenes from along the trail. As I descend I allow my perceptive nature to take over and move exceeding slow though the forest as this world beckons forth allowing me to visualize luminance, tones, textures, patterns and their inter-connectivity.

Ultimately my solitude is complete and I return to the conceptual world below.



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