Mesa DawnHello again!

It’s been some time since I last updated this column and much has occurred as the year progressed and it has been such a positive experience.

I have been immersed in wonder!

It has been a little over a year since leaving the corporate world to begin focusing on so many shards of life that lay about me.

Initially I just worked to accept and take stock of where I was at and where I felt I needed to progress towards. This was a very insightful exercise and the initial results were continually modified and restructured as inner awareness grew.

I found a quote from the sage Roman, Seneca, that stated;
"It’s not that we live for too short a time, but that we waste so much of it."

This seemed to reflect my condition all too well.

My main goals were to improve my surroundings in numerous ways.I undertook considerable initiatives in self-assessment and focus to try and adhere to what Seneca was passing along to me. I felt the need to focus on improving so many skills that in the past were attempted but became an internal blur with little positive momentum in any particular proficiency.

I needed to itemize and prioritize these in context with operating DustyBlues and generating both new art work and portfolios as well as keeping the business a viable operation. It was an 80-20 proposition.

Knowing this I also began with a sense that these did not have to be counter to each other. Finding the proper balance was tenuous, yet achieving a substance that was close would be the challenge.

So I began…First was devising a list of skills and prioritizing based on numerous criteria. That balance effect required improvement in so any areas that the list was initially daunting. An effort in organizational development seemed essential to overcoming the attention deficit/obsessive compulsive behavior I exude.

Slowly by continually concentrating on this I began and continue work on the effort to consolidate vast amounts of information content and fragments collected over decades from past skills development efforts. Finding a sweet spot by using as much technology along with new classifications would at least align related information into similar "buckets" across an array of inquiries. This developed into a multi-stage winnowing process yet eventually leveled itself out and has become an ongoing process improvement area. This has lent itself as a robust methodology for containing the past volumes of collections into a researchable knowledge-base along with imbuing new insights accurately.

Enough said on this aspect for now.

On to the Wonder…..

Internally I really needed to get a better sense of my artistic nature. It felt that the creative, vision, initiative, and craft skills to accomplish these were stagnant and vague. In rushing to get there I had neglected to ask myself where "there" was and what it looked like. This began the process this past year that I am coming to grips with.

Resolution along many avenues progresses and the initial internal feelings of being shrouded in haze are evolving into wonderful certainties of thought and understanding.

Operationally much has occurred that has evolved DustyBlues. This requires the same self-aware reflection of questioning/reasoning as to what DustyBlues LLC as an entity exemplifies and how to assimilate the needs of artistic creation with business viability. Considerable effort has been expended in this examination. The effort initially seemed daunting yet as time progresses I feel the fusing of these needs converging with my artistic search.

This awareness becomes My Wonder!