DustyBlues 2022 Review

January 6, 2023  |  Hocking Hills

DustyBlues Gallery reflected back over the holidays on what an amazing year we experienced!

We thank our patrons so much for your support and friendship and look forward to seeing you in our future.

DustyBlues' year began with several client projects. Our wonderful Pittsburgh Reseller, Corporate Art LLC, ordered a number of large images that they had printed on Dibond Aluminum and delivered to their clients. They returned several times during the year for an amazing array of art works placed at high profile clients.

We also provide numerous images and services to Cedar Creek Cabins, local Amish builders of beautiful log cabins and lodges. Cedar Creek displays these during the annual Log & Timber show at the Ohio State Fairgrounds as well as Log Cabin Days presented by the Hochstetler Mill in Loudonville, Ohio.

Throughout the year we continually had orders from our web site and shipped art work across the country. Thanks so much for all who ordered.

Visitors to the Hocking Hills regularly stopped by our gallery and took home memories of these Hills. We spent many hours in engaging conversations and are constantly impressed by the expanse of discussions. Most folks leave us with insights to other geologic places to visit. We truly look forward to each day and all the new and returning travelers.

We were excited that ODNR allowed us to visit the construction site of the new Hocking Lodge in January 2022 and we were able to photograph the site with all the log and timber exposed. An exceptional display of geometric wonder that forms the shell and foundation of the facility.

Throughout the year we volunteer at numerous public and private preserves to work towards invasive eradication efforts. We are especially devoted to reducing and (hopefully) eliminating the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA) aphid-like insect from destroying our Hemlocks. Just imagine what these Hills would be like with no Hemlocks! This is a continual effort and we get to work alongside some considerable botanists, biologists and other specialists during these inspections plus the great volunteers who are like-minded. Take a moment and see if this might be something you would be interested in doing. We get to visit some pristine areas that are seldom seen. Come and learn insights into the flora, fauna and geology of our Hills.

As Summer began, our friends at ODNR contacted us about becoming a signature artist for the new Hocking Hills Lodge and Conference Center. We created 45 large framed images of iconic Hocking Hills locations for placement on the interior walls of the lodge. Val meticulously curated all of the frames and these were placed just prior to the Lodge opening in October. Many of these can also be found in their Gift Shop at the Lodge and here at our Gallery. Thanks so much to our ODNR friends!

DustyBlues captures Blues music events and 2022 was a special year for us. We photographed many musicians during the year and developed these for the promoters and artists as well as expanding our portfolio with so many musical highlights. We also created a number of CD Cover photos for the artists.

We are members of the Hocking Valley Photography Group. Each month we meet and share photos and insights and each year the members hang their art work for a month at the Bowen House here in Logan. Always inspirational!

Photographing the night skies of the Hocking Hills through the year are special moments for us as the dark skies in the area permit many opportunities.

2022 was quite the year. Inflation seemed to affect everything but visitors continued to visit. We frequently add new art works to our portfolios as we capture Mother Nature's allure during each season's progress and the light that draws us to it.

2023 begins another year of inspiration and expectations. DustyBlues continues to wander the Hills and bring our visions to fruition. We look forward to an exciting year!

All the best,

Dusty & Val

Photo © copyright by DustyBlues LLC.

Photo © copyright by DustyBlues LLC.