Airplane Rock

October 2017

Fall Dawn – Airplane Rock…

Predawn and Dusty & I hiked up to Airplane Rock for a great Fall morning. The solitude and memories gave a sense of visiting an old friend.

We arrived early in the dark and renewed our thoughts from our previous visits as to a composition that conveyed the emotion of the moment.

The beauty and sense of freshness created an anticipation as nautical twilight slowly evolved to the civil twilight that began to give the expected character to this vision. With additional luminance we were able to adjust the composition accordingly. We waited and then began selective captures as the scene developed out of the increasing luminance. Capturing a series of images until the light began to wash out, a sense of satisfaction slowly enveloped our perceptions and feelings.

A far off dogs barks, a barn owl is hooting on the far cliff, a cavorting chipmunk rustles the undergrowth behind me as the scent of hemlock and the decaying forest floor filter into my senses, a slight breeze slowly rustles the tree tops. The full spectrum of my senses create a memorable impression of this experience and is a reflection I have each time I view this image in our gallery.

We have discussed capturing an image of Airplane Rock for some time and visited on several occasions. As time passed we developed a vision of how this prominent point might be captured to provide insights into the pristine beauty of this rock face. We watched the weather and turning leaves for some time until we felt Mother Nature was in alignment and headed out.

I really love the textures interwoven into this composition and believe they give an earthy feel to the final artwork.

So many visitors flock to this unglaciated region yet few are able to anticipate and have the opportunity to visit this site during such an optimal time. As we developed this composition that encompasses our emotions and creates our intended message, we felt that others, like minded, will celebrate such a wonderful geologic impression.


Hi there,

My order arrived today and as always am amazed by your work. I have it hanging already and the sunlight filtering in through the bay windows causes the colors to glow!
Thanks you so much!
Barb D
Phoenix, Az

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