Idle Force Of Nature - April 2018

Spring Bloom

The idle winds of nature are slowly, slowly pushing aside old man's winter grip and diminishing the cabin fever in so many. Daffodils recently began their golden glow and the feathered migrations bring new and delightful songs and sightings every day.

Visitors are on the upswing and many delightful ones have visited us here at the gallery and taken their favorite art works home and to the office, often after considerable pause.

The winter solstice gave time for reflection of past image portfolios from many inspiring locations which we have begun to harvest and produce new portfolios and productions of various curations which we are now populating in our expanded gallery.

Below is a composition we will include.....

Hocking Hills,, Fine Art Photography, Glade Creek, Babcock State Park, photo

Industrial Reflection

We scaled a remote high perch giving us a midnight vision of our industrial world as few see it. The blue lights from an upstream bridge combined with others to cast wonderful glows on the river surface as a nimble captain of a tug pushing coal barges up river passes a steel mill gushing stream as it quenches another load of molten iron. Another magical night.