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Our adventures in the Hocking Hills...

Hocking Hills Lodge and Conference Center
September 30, 2022  |  Hocking Hills

DustyBlues Gallery are excited to announce the new Hocking Hills Lodge and Conference Center opening.

DustyBlues is a signature artist at the new lodge and we have curated 45 large framed artworks for the interior space of the lodge...

Hocking Hills Legends

The Moonville Ghost

Local legends, myths, folklore & the supernatural in the Hocking Hills:

The Legend of Old Man’s Cave: Old Man’s Cave is a beautiful gorge of Black Hand Sandstone that was formed over thousands of years of geologic erosion, mainly due to the last glacier in Ohio from 14000 to 17000 years ago stopping just before reaching the Hocking Hills...

Cantwell Cliffs

Address: Ohio SR 374, Rockbridge, Ohio 43149

GPS Coordinates: 39.539822, -82.575880

The Cantwell Cliffs area helps define the rugged natural beauty of the Hocking Hills State Park...

Hocking Valley Photography Group
Hocking Valley Photo Group - Bowen House 2020

The Hocking Valley Photographers Group will host their annual exhibit at the Bowen House beginning with an Open House on Saturday, August 29th.

Dusty & Val are pleased to be a part of the exhibit...

Inn at Cedar Falls
Check out the DustyBlues Gallery at the Inn at Cedar Falls!!

A special Place  Hocking Hills Cabins, Yurts, Cottages and Bed & Breakfast Rooms Strong Wolk Cabin
We stayed at the Inn at Cedar Fall's Strong Wolf cabin (shown above) in our first visit together here so many years ago...
Hocking Postcards
DustyBlues is pleased to introduce our new portfolio of Postcards from the Hocking Hills.  The history of our country is locally told so often with post cards stories. We have developed Hocking Hills Post Card Impressions for your consideration...