Adventure Journal (Nature Landscapes)

Lake Hope Reflections
October 2018

Dawn at Lake Hope - A Reflection

An early morning drive led us to an outstanding dawn with no wind. The lakes' surface allowed perfect mirrored reflections and gave Mother Nature expressive moments to show off her finery...

Autumn's Lovely Smile

Nature is the art of God - Dante Alichieri

The Hills here are slowly beginning their change. The days are crisper, the temperature is moderated from the stifling summer heat and ever so slowly the colors give the sense of our developing world here...

Legends of the Hollows
September 2018

Local legends, myths, folklore and the supernatural surrounding the Hocking Hills:

The Legend of Old Man’s Cave: Old Man’s Cave is a beautiful gorge of Black Hand Sandstone that was formed over thousands of years of geologic erosion, mainly due to the last glacier in Ohio from 14000 to 17000 years ago stopping just before reaching the Hocking Hills...

Unleashing Creativity
July 22, 2018

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

This Journal give some sense of the  artistic development process as one evolves an awareness of creativity...

The Patriotic Hills

Taking a leisurely cruise through the back country roads of the Hocking Hills I came upon these three fine steeds grazing. This expression of what America was founded upon really impacted my thoughts...

The Hills in Bloom June 2018

[wgphoto id=1431 title="Grandma II" caption="The headwaters of Grandma Gatewood's trail through the Hocking Hills inaugurates new visitors to the impressive visions yet to come." prints="yes"]

Val and I spent a morning in the Old Mans Cave gorge a week ago...