Adventure Journal

Emotional Qualities
May 1st, 2018

As we developed a knowledge of our inner worlds of mind, consciousness, perceptions, feeling, instincts, and expressions the thought occurred: "What would the inner brain/mind appear like when experiencing various emotional states?" How would a microscopic view of the neurons firing and the wash of chemical reactions appear? What creativity and inspiration is required to develop images digitally that often gave rise to these same emotions and bring about compositions from these, depicting our perceptual world of emotions and feelings? After several years of contemplation and efforts,we have developed our constructs of these in this portfolio...

Dappled Morning

Cedar Falls in Bloom

Looking back at the wonder of a great day at Cedar Falls this past year, we wait with anticipation for it's post Winter renewal this year. We have seen some of the hardier tourists beginning to visit and on the week-end the Main Park areas can have quite a few parking spots filled...

Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox

The Earth and Sun perform their yearly dance. The Sun crosses the Vernal Equinox that typically indicates Spring is near. This morning it seemed quite hard to tell as an overnight snowfall graces the early yellow daffodils...

Idle Force of Nature
April 2018

Spring Bloom

The idle winds of nature are slowly, slowly pushing aside old man's winter grip and diminishing the cabin fever in so many. Daffodils recently began their golden glow and the feathered migrations bring new and delightful songs and sightings every day...

Grandma Gatewood
March 2018

We have always been amazed with the story of Grandma Gatewood. Hiking the Appalachian Trail straight through at age 65. These were the early days of the Appalachian Trail and many sections were not complete...

New DustyBlues Gallery Area - opening soon
March 2018

DustyBlues is busy selecting and narrowing down the multitude of photographic artworks from our archives of several decades across America. We will soon begin printing and curating sequences of these into a new Gallery Area we are preparing to open soon...