Adventure Journal (Hocking Hills)

Our adventures in the Hocking Hills...

Classic Americana
October 2019

This special bridge is a link to our Americana past in many ways. The romanticism of the covered bridge in early American life as a wonderfully engineered span of safety across many hindrances...

Two Studio Holiday Sales Event
November 16 & 17

DustyBlues and The Hocking House announce our first annual Holiday Sales Event. Planning to visit the Hocking Hills in November. Make sure to stop by both of our Studios for special sales and additional local artists!! 

Men at Work - The Bowen House
September 2019
The Annual Hocking Hills Men at Work Exhibit at the Bowen House features many of the Hocking Region's finest men's art. Dusty is proud to represent the DustyBlues Gallery with his artwork again this year...
Hocking Valley Photographers Club Annual Art Show
Hocking Valley Photography Group Exhibit Hocking Valley Photography Group presents the annual Art Exhibit at the Bowen House. Join Val & Dusty at the Bowen House for the Opening Reception on July 19th...
June Skies
June 2019

A rare night in June with no moon and clear skies. This is a stack of 15 images of the Milky Way as it stretched from the Southern skies overhead. The planet Jupiter is shining brightly in the lower left...

May Flowers
May 2019

May flowers are springing forth in abundance and variety.

We spent several mornings so far in various locations of the Hocking Hills crawling along the ground capturing the diversity of nature...