Barn Quilts of the Hocking Hills

Each unique piece is hand-crafted, designed & painted in-Studio by Anne Decker

Constructed of 8" Pine Tongue & Groove Face, Pine Supports and 3" Pine Frame Face, Painted & Primed with a minimum 4 coats of Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint, and Exterior Grade Galvanized Deck Screws. Each selection comes with paint chips for each color. Each piece is striking and simple all at once, The color mix keeps your eyes moving but in a comforting way. A perfect size to be displayed anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, on a wall, the side of a house, barn, or outbuilding. Another option is to hang it in a diamond direction.

Larger Quilts are 48" X 48" X 2.5"

Smaller Quilts are 15" X 49" X 2.5"

Custom Sizes available from Anne.