DustyBlues Local Artists: Coiled Pine Needle Art

Coiled Pine Needle Art by Waldena Hendrix

Waldena creates coiled art from long-leaf pine needles in the time-honored Native American tradition.

As a modern coiling artist, Waldena creates contemporary baskets with asymmetry, bright colors, and unexpected patterns.

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Waldena, a descendent of both Appalachian America and the Cherokee peoples of Tennessee Valley, her ancestors include very talented quilters, blacksmiths, clock makers, gunsmiths, and painters.

Coiling pine needles is a very time intensive art. A piece measuring just 4" in diameter can take an experienced coiler several hours to complete. Starting with just a few pine needles and a centerpiece, you bind the coil of pine needles to the centerpiece with a variety of cords. With each stitch, you add or hide a new pine needle or two within the coil. As the basket increases in size, the current coil is attached to the previous one, thus creating one continuous coil from start to finish. Decorative stitches, dyes, and accessories can be added to enhance the beauty of each art work. As a child of both Appalachian America and the Cherokee Peoples of the Tennessee Valley, Waldena's European ancestors included talented quilters, blacksmiths, clockmakers, gunsmiths and painters. Waldena strives to continue a tradition of pride in craftsmanship.

Like many original Native American objects, these baskets are both beautiful and utilitarian. The use of wood, clay, natural and dyed pine needles, waxed thread, and various embellishments create these decorative and unique pieces.

Waldena continues the tradition of pride in craftsmanship.