DustyBlues Local Artists

The Hocking Hills are Alive with limited edition art by local independent artists. DustyBlues carefully curates and continually refreshes available stock. These are doing fast. Get Yours!

Wood Art

These amazing local artists create wood art that is spectacular! All wood is harvested from their working farms and developed in their studios. Through years of development and heritage, they fashion these amazing creations unique to the Hocking Hills.

Coiled Pine Needle Art

Like many original Native American objects, these baskets are both beautiful and utilitarian. The use of wood, clay, natural and dyed pine needles, waxed thread, and various embellishments create these decorative and unique pieces.

Laughing Leaf Faces

The Fine Art of local artist Chris Burke.

These unique and inspired pieces bring a ray of sunshine & a reminder of the natural world around us. Display your special leaf where it will give you a smile each time you see it.


Hike to your heart's content and then settle into reading the story of Grandma Gatewood that will inspire readers of all ages by illustrating the full power of human spirit and determination or enjoy Hocking Hills resident Terri Mash's book on her splendid life here in these amazing hills and Joy Miller Upton's Journey's book on horses and 5 decades in the Hocking Hills.